Technology Solution From Guardian Results In Faster, Better Informed Hiring Decisions

March 9, 2020

North Charleston, SC (February 24, 2020)- Guardian Alliance Technologies Inc., announced today that North Charleston Police Department (NCPD) has made advancements in the speed and accuracy of their pre-employment background investigations thanks to use of the Guardian Software Platform.  The department’s use of Guardian has streamlined background investigations for the now fully staffed North Charleston PD, assisting in the department’s ongoing efforts to put well qualified law enforcement personnel to work without the delays associated with traditional background methods.

“The Guardian platform and its host of services help us hire the best people,” said Keith Summey, Mayor of North Charleston.  “It’s the first time in over a decade that our North Charleston Police Department is fully staffed, making North Charleston safer and engaged with our communities more effectively. This is a rare feat for law enforcement. In the hiring process, we are doing what we can to put tangible, proven systems in place, like Guardian.”

That’s music to the ears of Guardian Founder and President, Justin Biedinger, a retired Stockton, California police officer and former background investigator, who says, “The Guardian platform was specifically designed by law enforcement professionals, for law enforcement professionals, to eliminate the inefficiencies and long timelines associated with traditional investigation management methods.  Hearing that one of our customer’s is fully staffed for the first time in over a decade is music to my ears.  That’s exactly the kind of impact Guardian was designed to make.”

Use of Guardian enables NCPD to complete backgrounds far faster, and with more accuracy than ever before thanks to advanced data mining and management tools, time-saving automation for certain tasks, and artificial intelligence used for social media screening.  With Guardian, as part of each investigation, NCPD can scan the web and identify any problematic social media posts that could indicate a candidate’s lack of suitability for public service with the push of a button, something that never happened before.

“Guardian has been a valuable tool in getting our background investigations completed,” said North Charleston Police Department, Deputy Chief Scott Deckard. “It allows the applicant to be active in their hiring process, while compiling the vital information into a concise report for review by those making hiring decisions. Guardian provides efficiency in the hiring process and increases the capacity of the background investigator.”

In addition to the time saving tools and social media screening abilities, Guardian’s National Applicant Information Center (NAIC), a centralized database exclusively available to Guardian users, gives investigators access to critical applicant information, such as job-seeking activity (i.e. tracking which agencies they’ve previously applied to) and a complete record of all information previously provided to any agency in the Guardian Alliance.  The NAIC offers an advanced level of security for participating agencies by flagging any changes applicants may make from one background questionnaire submission to the next.

“Our partnership with North Charleston PD is indicative of the city’s commitment to better serve their community.  They join an ever-growing list of public safety agencies who are taking steps to gain efficiency and reduce costs in the process of putting only the best qualified applicants to work,” said Ryan Layne, Guardian’s CEO.  “Trust in public service has never been more critical than it is today, and adoption of the Guardian Platform is one tangible step agencies can take as part of their continual efforts to strengthen that trust.”

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